Laser Genesis: A Patient's Perspective

“Laser Genesis feels like warm rain tapping against your skin,” Christina explains to my nervous 14-year-old daughter as she poises the laser about two inches from her face. “The laser is sending heat through several layers of skin, which will kill the bacteria and help the skin produce more collagen and healthy skin growth. It will also help prevent and repair scaring. Don’t worry, your face won’t be red or irritated or flaky for school tomorrow.”

A red light and a slight pulsing sound fills the room as my sweet girl prays, hoping that this will be the thing that finally works.

Adolescence can be vicious on the skin. As can menstruation, pregnancy and peri-menopause. I know what my daughter is going through because I’ve had recurrences of acne during my own lifetime of hormone changes, stress and food sensitivities.

It’s embarrassing, it’s humiliating, it’s out-of-control and it’s on your face. Which is the first thing people see about you. Your face.

Red. Swollen. Scabby. Pussing. Painful. Distracting.

People try not to notice ... or they just point it out ... but it’s so very THERE that they can’t help being distracted by this kind of acne.

I remember when she was a baby and people would cross a room to coo at “the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.” I used to stare at her for hours, simply marveling at the perfection of her features. I can see that this acne is taking a serious toll on her self esteem and her confidence has taken a nose dive.

Sometimes she cries in frustration at the impossibleness of “fixing” this. I want to cry too. It started at puberty with a pimple here and there. We’ve tried so many things. Creams and potions, antibiotics, birth control pills, supplements like apple cider vinegar, probiotics and prebiotics, expensive lotions and soaps, scrubs and peels.

Thousands of dollars I’ve spent on acne—mine and hers—over the last few years. Compared to that this treatment is affordable and more effective than everything else we’ve tried.

The worst and best thing we’ve tried so far is weekly mom/daughter extraction facials, which sounds like a bonding experience, but it’s not. She’s extremely sensitive to all sensations, especially pain. Our mother/daughter facials are an hour of torture, crying and relieving the pressure of infection. These facials make it better. But they don’t completely clear it up. Where one cluster of acne heals, several more pustules pop up by morning.

Christina is so kind and gentle with her. Trying to give her an extra pampering facial with the Laser Genesis treatment. Christina gives her a soothing hand massage as her face mask dries. I can see her compassion and extra care for my sweet one. 

A week later there is noticeable improvement, but it will take a session or two more to completely heal this kind of breakout. This case is just so severe.

I came for the Limelight and the Laser Genesis treatment last year to treat the discoloration caused by my own severe breakout. Christina carefully helped me clear up the acne, explaining that over-treating and over-drying was making it worse, giving me the most gentle, organic products available. Then we moved to chemical peels and a session of microdermabrasion. When my skin had calmed significantly she recommended the laser. Discoloration can add 10 years to your face. The fact that this treatment also works to eliminate fine lines is a sweet bonus.

“I was laying in bed last night thinking about her poor face. We just can’t let her scar. We have to keep using the Laser Genesis to prevent scarring. I really want to help her,” Christina tells me later.

I think how lucky I am, and how lucky my daughter is, to have people like Christina in our lives. 



Tracee Sioux, Sioux Ink, is a publisher, author, spiritual business & life coach and radio show host. She's the author of The Year of YES! and Soul vs. Ego Smackdown. Visit her website to receive a free meditation.