The real reasons we care about appearances

You may think that those who focus on beauty are vain or that women who desire to be beautiful are shallow. There may be some truth to that in certain cases, but there’s a deeper reason, in general, that beauty is so important to us as a society and to women in particular.

Have you ever looked at a woman who’s ill and thought ‘oh, she’s beautiful’? Not likely. 

Beauty is not something that only lies on the surface. We often change our first impressions of someone once we get to know them, and if they are a kind, compassionate person we tend to see them as more attractive.

That’s because on some level we equate beauty with health.

And wellness.

Like it or not, society values appearances. But what’s really being valued here, even if it isn’t realized, is health.

We use computer programs to make our supermodels look glowing and flawless because, on the surface, it’s the picture of perfect health.

We think ‘hey look at her perfect skin.’ Innately we see health there and we translate that into something we want. We all want to be healthy. Nobody wants to wake up with a migraine.

It’s like an evolutionary response to look at someone with glowing skin and go ‘oh they’re pretty healthy.’

We’re attracted to health and vitality. That why we like the guys who have the muscles. It’s because their outward appearance of health and strength triggers an involuntary desire in us to have that ourselves.

Another reason we are so attracted to beauty is because it gives the appearance of confidence, and, who doesn’t want more confidence.? Life would be so much easier if we had the confidence to face all the big challenges that come along.

One of my favorite patients right now is a teenager who is just trying to get through the hell that is teenage life. She doesn’t need to struggle with bad skin on top of being a teenager. 

If I can help her with her skin so that she can have more confidence to face everything she’s up against, then that’s what I want to do.

I want people to have more confidence in themselves more than I want to create the perfect woman or man. That’s why I opened my Fort Collins medical spa and that’s why I focus on beauty and wellness. 

One of my mantras is “Live in Wellness.” It’s not just the absence of illness, but so much more than that.

How does beauty affect your life in positive or negative ways? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.