Laser Genesis at Fort Collins Spa Treats Discoloration


One of my favorite patients is a teenager. She’s a sweet girl who gets good grades and has a good self esteem.

But, not a great self esteem. She has a terrible outbreak of acne that is interfering with her general self esteem. She hesitates to raise her hand in class for fear that everyone will turn to look at her. She worries about going into new social situations for fear of what new people will think of her. And her crush. Oh how she worries that he will never like her back because she has this horrible acne.

My heart breaks for this girl, because I too have had terrible, chronic outbreaks of acne. I know what it’s like to walk into a room worried that no one can see past my redness and irritation.

In fact, it was while I was treating my own acne outbreak with a facial and some high quality products that I decided to become an aesthetician.

“How can I get more of this? How can I help others?” I asked myself while I was getting that facial. It was such a relief to finally find a solution. Bringing my skin back to balance and health was so important to me that I truly wanted to help others with their own skin issues.

I didn’t have access to the kinds of lasers that can be most effective in this treatment. Now, however, I have invested in a laser that allows me to administer the most effective Laser Genesis treatments for all kinds of skin issues. It treats the acne by sending heat many layers deep in the epidermis.

Still, even after acne is healed discoloration is usually evident. Sometimes even scarring that can last a lifetime. The great thing about Laser Genesis is that it treats the discoloration and scarring in addition to the acne.

My life is so much better now that I have access to this laser treatment. That teenage girl’s skin is clearing up and we’re now working on the discoloration and prevention of scarring. I can’t promise that her crush will like her back, but I am sure that she will be able to walk into a room and feel confident about how she looks.