Laser Genesis a Treatment for Burns; Medical Spa Fort Collins


I have a patient who was in a house fire. She ran back into to save her beloved pet. She was severely burned. Burns on her face, back, neck and shoulders. She was in treatment with a medical doctor for a long time to get the burns to heal.

Still, scars remained where her skin had melted and scorched. She now looked in the mirror and saw a completely different person. It was devastating.

She came to see me and we started a series of Laser Genesis treatments. This specialized laser can assist healing on scar tissue, discoloration and underlying bacteria that might be present.

Each visit she would come and I would gently treat her burns on a moderate setting. Gradually, the burns began to heal. She experienced far less pain and when she looked in the mirror she began to see more and more of herself as she remembered her.

There were parts of her body on her back and shoulder that were just burned too badly for us to treat at first. It was too painful, her nerves were still too raw. We simply worked around those areas and allowed a deeper healing to take place before treatment. Once the sensitivity of those burns lessened we were able to begin the Laser Genesis treatment on those areas to great effect.

My patient isn’t coming to me because she’s obsessed with a beauty ideal. She’s coming to my Medical Spa in Fort Collins to treat a very serious medical condition.

Does it effect her perception of her appearance? It does. Yet, not because she longs to be on the cover of a magazine. What she longs for is to look in the mirror and see her self. Her face as it once was, her skin as it once was. Perhaps we won’t be able to restore every cell to appear as it was before her tragic rescue of another living being.

We’re creating new cells with health and vitality, which is allowing her true self to shine forth in the world. More important, we’re creating a new true self so that she can look in the mirror and recognize herself as the astounding beauty that she is.