Summer beach vacation will be here before you know it

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

With March already upon us, your summer beach vacation will be here before you know it. It's not too early to start preparing yourself for it now so that you can spend a carefree week relaxing with your toes in the sand.

After all, you shouldn’t have to spend your hard-earned vacation time shaving your legs, underarms, and bikini area over and over or worry about covering up embarrassing spider veins in your legs so that you can feel confident in your swimsuit.

At Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado we use the multi-functional Cutera Xeo laser for all your laser needs.

What puts the Cutera Xeo laser in the top of its class is that it’s considered a “true laser” which means that it fires the same amount of energy into its target every single time.

The energy that it fires is IPL (intense pulsed light) which is a powerful broad-spectrum of light that uses filters to selectively filter out the potentially damaging lower wavelengths, like ultra violet light, making the laser very safe to use on your skin.

Many lasers use only a single wavelength of light which means that the laser can only do one job or treat one condition.

But since the Cutera Xeo laser works with a broad spectrum wavelength, it can successfully be used for many applications including laser hair and vein removal (and more).

For hair removal, this remarkable laser can remove hair for all skin types and skin tones — everything from pale skin that burns easily, all the way to the darkest skin tone, including tanned patients.

The unique design, longer wavelength, and innovative cooling design allow effective, safe, and permanent results for your hair removal needs.

The Cutera laser can also treat both tiny superficial facial veins, as well as deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin tones.

So as you’re planning your summer beach getaway, don’t forget to get your laser hair and vein removal done in advance to help make your vacation confident, relaxing and carefree.