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Biopelle Skin Care Line- Now in Your Fort Collins Med Spa!

We are thrilled to announce we now carry the Biopelle skin care line in our medical spa in Old Town Fort Collins, CO. Biopelle is revolutionary because it is a pharmaceutical grade line with stem cells.

Biopelle, Inc. is the aesthetic subsidiary of Ferndale Pharma Group, Inc, which is a worldwide leader in the development and distribution of clinically proven skincare products. Biopelle is committed to helping aestheticians deliver evidence- based, patented technologies that target multiple metabolic pathways to address demanding skin and deliver visible results. Biopelle offers high quality professional products through licenses healthcare providers like us! The solutions these products offer fall into one of two main categories: biopelle (which includes Retriderm Tensage Growth Factor and Tensage Stem Cell with CellPro Technology) and also PRESCRIBEDsolutions which is the only multi-tasking customizable skincare line with boosters.

Tensage Stem Cell (in the biopelle line) features CellPro Technology and a unique and natural ingredient extracted from the eggs of the Cryptomphalus aspera snail. This ingredient is clinically proven to replenish, reinforce, and restore the appearance of youthful skin.

With age, the cells in skin break down and natural stem cells have more difficulty replacing them. Even by carefully avoiding sunlight and other possible sources of skin damage, this is a natural skin aging process that will eventually lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Tensage Stem Cell Cream has CellPro Technology which uses the natural ingredient extracted from the snail eggs in an exclusive and patented process to improve skin’s appearance during the natural aging process.

With twice daily application of Tensage StemCell and Tensage StemCell eye cream, as well as a gentle cleanser and sunscreen, noticeable differences in the following areas can be achieved: forehead- significant reduction of fine lines, undereye area- significant reduction in fine lines, cheeks- significant reduction in inflammation as well as smoother texture and reduced wrinkle depth, nasolabial folds- significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, periorbital area- significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles as well as smoother texture and reduced wrinkle depth, and lower cheek/jowl area- increased elasticity.

Come in today to learn more about the biopelle line!

What’s Your Skin Type? From Your Fort Collins Med Spa

Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we know how important it is to determine your skin type! After all, this affects everything from what kind of facial would be best for you to what cleansing and moisturizing products you should use! You should also know that your skin type can change over time! Younger people are more likely to have  a normal skin type. Factors that affect skin type are how much water is in your skin, how oily it is, and how sensitive it is.

Normal skin is not too dry and not too oily. It has no or few imperfections, barely visible pores, no severe sensitivity, and a radiant complexion.

Combination skin is when your skin is dry or normal in some areas, and oily in others (like the T-zone of the nose, forehead, and chin). This is a common skin type, which may need slightly different care in different areas. With combination skin, pores may look larger than normal, have blackheads, and shiny skin.

Dry skin may have almost invisible pores, a rough and dull complexion, red patches, less elastic skin and more visible lines. Dry skin can crack, peel, or become itchy, irritated, or inflamed. Very dry skin may become rough and scaly, like on the backs of hands, arms, and legs. Dry skin may be affected by genetic makeup, aging, hormonal changes, weather like wind, sun, or cold, UV radiation from tanning beds, indoor heating, long hot baths and showers, ingredients in soaps and cleansers, and medications.

Oily skin may have enlarged pores, dull, shiny or thick complexion, blackheads, pimples, or other blemishes. It can be affected by puberty or hormonal imbalances, stress, or too much heat or humidity.

If you aren’t sure what your skin type is, or if you know your skin type but aren’t sure how to best care for it, let’s schedule a free consultation to chat more! We would love to recommend a skincare routine that fits your budget!

How to Handle Red Bumps from Shaving- Tips from Your Fort Collins Medical Spa

Experiencing embarrassing red bumps after shaving? Want to know how to get rid of them? You got it!

Hydrating the skin before, during, and after shaving all help with preventing red bumps. A week before and when you are in the process of shaving, use things that are soothing and hydrating. Ingredients like glycerin and petrolatum are a great way to moisturize before and afterwards.

Be sure to get all areas that you plan to shave wet for at least seven minutes before you start shaving. This helps by getting the hair soaked enough to minimize irritation.

A sharp razor prevents red bumps. Every five shaves you should change your razor, since a dull blade drags and catches skin. This causes irritation and those bumps.

The best way to shave is to go with the direction of hair growth, at least for the first pass. On the second pass, you can go against the grain. Starting by going against the grain will cause major irritation.

Also, tend to ingrown hairs to keep those red bumps from lingering. Ingrown hairs happen when hair grows back and gets trapped under the skin, which may become inflamed or painful. Try soothing any problem areas with a solution made for this, like Tend Skin.

We recommend that if you are getting red bumps from shaving, you should switch over to waxing (which we can provide for you at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado). After waxing (or shaving), follow up with a product to control bacteria such as an acne fighter containing salicylic acid. You will also want to apply a topical product to prevent inflammation in the hair follicules.

Not sure where to go from here? Come in for a free consultation and we can discuss your skin care needs, including red bumps from shaving!

Multilevel Marketing Skincare- Pros and Cons, Part 1; Fort Collins Spa


Read Part 1 of this post here.

There is a big difference between different skin conditions, something that professional estheticians are trained to recognize, and MLM representatives may not be. For instance, dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lacks water. Proper skin analysis can determine which, if either, if the case for you, and recommend appropriate treatment. Regarding acne- there are differences between pustular, cystic, and comedonal acne. The type determines the treatment, and the wrong kind of treatment could make existing acne much worse and even cause permanent scarring or discoloration. As licensed professionals, we can assess acne and determine whether chemical or physical exfoliation is appropriate, and how to hydrate and moisturize without causing further clogging. We also know the difference between sensitive, reactive, rosacea, and couperous skin and can make recommendations for treatment. We know specific ingredients and how they affect sensitive skin.

Pregnant women’s skin also requires specific attention. Certain ingredients like peppermint, sage, or salicylic acid are dangerous for pregnant women. Melasma also requires training and knowledge, that as licensed aestheticians, we possess and can share with our clients.

Being an effective skin care specialist also requires a knowledge of contraindications and ingredient allergies, especially with reactive skin. One example that may not be taught to MLM representatives, but that licensed professionals know, is that an aspirin allergy contraindicates salicylic acid.

Some MLM product lines may contain the same ingredients at the same strength of drug store skin care products, but with higher price tags. Professional skin care products, such as the skin care line Lira that we sell, are made from much higher quality ingredients at higher concentrations. The companies that create professional skin care lines want these products to be used and recommended correctly- thus they are only sold to licensed professionals to prevent misuse and adverse reactions.

If you are considering joining or purchasing from an MLM skin care company, do some research first. Talk with a representative to ask exactly how the product works and what it does to the cells of the skin. Be wary if they are not able to answer your question in their own words. If you are a representative and you have a real passion for skin care, consider pursuing an esthetician license which will give you valuable knowledge on the skin and help you to better serve your clients.

If you are looking for a treatment or product for your skin, let us make a recommendation for you! Contact us today!


Multilevel Marketing Skincare- Pros and Cons, Part 1; Fort Collins Spa


While the appeal of at home products and devices for skin care, such as laser hair removal devices or microneedling devices can be very appealing, there are definitely some risks involved, too. The lower price tag and convenience of doing the procedure on your own in the comfort of your home is very attractive. But is it worth the risk?

There are many multilevel marketing platforms out there- you’ve probably heard of Avon, Mary Kay, and It Works, just to name a few. Typically, to become a partner, representative, or distributor for a skin care company, no skin care training is required or giving. Company training typically involves sales and business training. Not every company is the same and not every representative is the same. There are definitely some dedicated, educated, and licensed sales people out there, but they are a minority.

Another concern with MLM is the potential for fake before and after photos. Before and after photos can be very convincing when you are considering a skin care product. However, there are many tricks that may be used such as makeup, lighting, Photoshop and camera tricks. Be wary!

One of the more concerning aspects of MLM is accurate analysis. Licensed professionals, like our team at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, spend a long time in school studying the health, physiology, diseases, and care of hair, skin and nails. Passing a State Board exam and practical is required. Many states require continued education to maintain this license. Unfortunately, many MLM skin care lines are very one size fits all. Representatives are generally given very basic information on different skin types, relying on the client to know what skin type they have. Many conditions and diseases that affect the skin may not be recognizable by the representative.

Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we pride ourselves on being the most educated team of skin care professionals in Northern Colorado! We strive to get every relevant certification related to our work, and we truly value your wellness and skin health. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your specific skin type and product and treatment options to help with your skin care concerns.

Microneedling; Fort Collins Facial


There is a new type of facial available in some salons across the US and it is one that we are currently researching and hope to be able to offer soon to our valued customer! Microneedling is a facial treatment that uses a cluster of 9 to 19 needles to jab tiny holes all over the face rapidly.

Creating those tiny holes makes the skin go into healing mode, where it makes more collagen, which helps fade scars and smooth pockmarks caused by acne. The release of collagen also prevents fine lines from deepening, plus gives a radiant glow to the skin.

The procedure involves a consultation to determine if the treatment is right for you and your skin. Then the skin is cleanses, and a numbing cream is applied. Once the numbing cream is activated, then a hyaluronic acid and growth factor serum are applied to help the device glide over the skin. The needle length is set on the wand, which is an individual needle length based on your skin. The length is determined so that it is long enough to create a pinkish inflammation but not overwhelm the skin or draw blood. Then a patch test is done, which won’t hurt at all. After the patch test, the wand will be moved over the face inch by inch in concentric motions. The sensation is hardly noticeable. The machine buzzes, but the actual feeling on the face is almost like being scratched by a fingernail. The whole process takes about 20 minutes, and the needles may be shortened to accommodate the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eyes, forehead, and side of the nose.

Microneedling is safe for all skin tones and can help almost anyone achieve baby smooth skin. There is minimal downtime- a maximum of one to three days, and collagen is stimulated over a 6 week period. This makes the treatment a more affordable alternative to other collagen stimulation facials.

Although the treatment isn’t for everyone, and results will not correct sun damage because the needles do not go that deep, skin can see even more improvement after four or five consecutive treatments. Within 24 to 48 hours after microneedling, you should see results! After treatment, apply nutrient rich serums to the face later on the day of treatment and the next day.

We can’t wait to announce when we will be able to offer this incredible new treatment here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado! Until then, schedule a free consultation to discuss other facials that we offer, such as microdermabrasion and laser genesis!

Natural Sunscreens- What You Need to Know; Facial Fort Collins


Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we highly recommend that you use sunscreen every day no matter what. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that age the skin.

Lately we have been hearing concerns about using chemical sunscreens. As a result of these concerns, natural sunscreens like the one we carry from Lira are becoming popular. Natural sunscreens, which use physical barriers, are just as effective as chemical sunscreens.

Chemical sunscreens neutralize ultraviolet rays with compounds like Beznophenone and Octinoxate. Natural sunscreens use physical barriers like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which are minerals that actually for a barrier against ultraviolet rays.

Your skin type plays a role in determining which type of sunscreen- chemical or physical barrier- would be best for you. If there is any sensitivity or inflammation in the skin, the physical barrier is your best option! It blocks the rays and keeps the heat out of the skin. Chemical sunscreens trap heat in the skin while neutralizing the rays- this is totally fine for normal to oily skin with no sensitivity issues. However, for inflamed or sensitive skin, trapping the heat with a chemical sunblock could be disastrous!

After you determine whether a chemical or physical sunscreen barrier is better for your skin type, then you need to determine what number SPF to use. Higher numbers protect you longer, but not more. The number means how long you can stay in the sun without burning compared to not wearing sunscreen.

Lira SPF comes in SPF30 and SPF50, plus a lip balm version. It nourishes the skin with plant stem cells, vitamin C, vitamin E, and grape plant stem cells. It smells lovely, is natural, and is great for sensitive skin!

Come talk with us today or shop our website to try out Lira’s sunscreen for yourself this summer!

30 Days of Clean Eating with Whole30; Fort Collins Spa


Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we pride ourselves on being concerned with our clients’ overall wellness- not just the way your skin looks on the outside, but overall how you are doing.

Nutrition is such an important part of skin health and overall wellness. It might seem silly to say that nutrition affects every area of our lives, but it really does!

Recently, I took on a clean eating challenge to eat clean for 30 days. Essentially the Whole30 program allows participants to eat unlimited amounts of vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts/seeds, some healthy fats/oils, and spices. No alcohol, drugs, grains, processed food, sugar, legumes, or dairy for 30 days. It might seem crazy, but it’s only 30 days! After 30 days, you can do whatever you like. You’re allowed to eat as much as you want whenever you want, and the program is free. The only catch is you have to eat from those food groups only. (You can learn more at

This was my first Whole30 and I had amazing results! I wasn’t looking for weight loss, but I was looking to tackle my sugar addiction, and tackle it, I did! I saw benefits in clearer skin, significantly decreased sugar addiction, some unanticipated weight loss, and just generally overall health! I was surprised by some of these benefits, but they were pleasant surprises!

One of my friends, Hannah, also tackled the Whole30. This was not her first one, but she was looking to reset her dietary habits. When she travels often, it is easy to fall into less than ideal patterns that tend to carry over into her regular life after trips. Some benefits Hannah saw this Whole30 were more consistent energy, significantly improved workouts, and clearheadedness, plus more stable moods. Previous benefits Hannah has experienced include significantly improved energy, no more PMS cramps, clearer skin, no more afternoon energy dips, no more daily headaches.

Hannah and I both agree that having the support around you is key to your success. We also noticed that advance preparation is very helpful! Some people like to meal prep in advance for the week, which is a great tool. Also, having quick and easy meals on the ready is great for when you are tired and your willpower is low. Another trick is to plan ahead for tricky social situations (work luncheons, eating out, parties, etc.) to make a plan of attack- search out meals that work for Whole30, bring your own food, or eat before you go. If you put your mind to it, you can succeed! I highly recommend everyone try the Whole30 program at some point!

Come in to chat with us about Whole30, and also the wonderful services and products we offer that can complement a Whole30!

The Problem with Coconut Oil as a Facial Cleanser; Fort Collins Dermatologist


We love coconut oil! It’s great as a body moisturizer and also for cooking with! However, there’s a recent beauty trend of using coconut oil as a facial cleanser that we would like to debunk.

Although it has many great properties, such as being antimicrobial, full of antioxidants, and is super moisturizing, coconut oil is also comedogenic, which means that it clogs pores. This can cause many problems for your face, like acne and breakouts!

Here’s how some people use coconut oil for oil cleansing. First, they put about a teaspoon of coconut oil in the palm of your hand. Warm the oil up in your hands by rubbing your hands back and forth. Then, gently massage the oil into your face using small, circular strokes for at least one minute. Rinse a washcloth under very warm water, wring out the excess water, and let the cloth sit on your face for thirty seconds. Gently wipe the oil from your face. Repeat the washcloth and wiping steps as needed. Some people also add essential oils like tea tree, lavender, or geranium during this process.

Unfortunately, the science behind using coconut oil as a facial cleanser just does not add up. Comedogenic products are not good for the face, and we do not recommend going that route. Even if you buy the best, most expensive, organic, unprocessed, etc. coconut oil- it is still comedogenic.

Instead, we recommend any of the wonderful natural cleansers from the Lira line that we carry here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado. You’re welcome to chat with us about which of the Lira products is best for you and your skin type. You can also shop them online!

PRP- Vampire Facelift; Day Spa Fort Collins


Do you have wrinkles? Do you have blood? Of course you have blood! Did you know that your own blood can be used to help erase wrinkles and create a more youthful appearance?

Have you heard of the new treatment called PRP- platelet rich plasma? It is also known as the vampire facelift. During this skin rejuvenating facial, your own blood is drawn, spun in the centrifuge, then re-injected into your face to erase wrinkles and create a more youthful look.

PRP can also be used in combination with fillers and lasers to enhance rejuvenating results. Juvederm (Hyaluronic acid therapy) can be used in conjunction with PRP to create a natural result. This helps add volume and tighten the skin.

Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we pride ourselves on being extremely highly educated. We have been researching PRP extensively and plan to offer it as one of our services within the next six months approximately.

In the meantime, we will continue to research the procedure, certifications, and tools needed to safely and effectively perform PRP. We are excited to announce that we will soon be able to provide this service for our valued clients!

If you have any questions on PRP, or would like to talk about other options for facials here at Advanced Aesthetics (such as laser genesis, microdermabrasion, or other treatments like Botox and Juvederm injectables), please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation!

We offer a variety of services and products to make you feel and look good, and we value your overall health and wellness. We are the only medical spa in Old Town Fort Collins and we offer special services that other day spas cannot offer. We can’t wait to hear from you for your next appointment!

Beauty Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar; Fort Collins Facial

Small Things Great Love.jpg

Apple cider vinegar can be used for numerous purposes, including in cooking and homemade salad dressings, for weight loss or immune support, and even for cleaning! Aside from these uses, it can also be used in many DIY beauty products. It is very inexpensive and can be very effective! However, avoid using it to wash your face as it can cause peeling and inflamed skin!

The quality of apple cider vinegar can vary- from grocery store brand to high quality unfiltered and organize Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar. You often get what you pay for, so use your own judgement. Here are some other uses for apple cider vinegar:

1)      Toner- a few tablespoons ACV in some water will leave you with a smooth face!

2)      Clarifying hair rinse- distilling vinegar with water. This doesn’t strip bottled color or leave hair very dry. Instead, you will be left with super shiny and smooth hair. This really helps with product buildup.

3)      ACV foot soak- a mixture of baking soda and apple cider vinegar. After this soak, your feet will be easily filed down and much softer and smoother!

4)      Add a few tablespoons to herbal tea and bottles of water during the day for improved digestion and glowing skin! It even adds a hint of sweetness to your water!

5)      Mix apple cider vinegar and baking soda for a tooth whitener! Brush your teeth with the mixture to help remove stains from tea and coffee.

6)      Facial scrub from baking soda and ACV. Leave on for a few minutes and then wash your face thoroughly with a clarifying cleanser like one from Lira.

7)      Combine ACV and baking soda in a small bowl and soak your nails for about 15 minutes. Rinse and dry, then use lemon juice and a toothbrush to buff any remaining stains from nail polish off your nails. This is a new level of brightened nails!

Apple cider vinegar contains many vitamins, potassium and calcium, all of which are beneficial for your whole body. It can be used to treat many different beauty concerns. To learn more great ways to care for your skin, and find beauty products that are both good for you and effective, check out our online shop of Lira products or come visit our Old Town Fort Collins location!

Have You Heard of the Margarita Sunburn? Fort Collins Med Spa


Pretty much everyone likes margaritas, especially in the summer! But there’s a dangerous side of margaritas that you should be aware of before the summer passes!

The margarita sunburn is a term for phytophotodermatitis, which occurs when oil or dander from some plants and citrus fruits (such as lime, grapefruit, and Valencia oranges) get on your skin and then is exposed to UV light. This combo causes a chemical burn about a day or two afterwards, which can become severe! It can result in burning, stinging, or blisters, and hyperpigmentation, which can take months to fade. Phytophotodermatitis is a chemical reaction which makes skin hypersensitive to ultraviolet light. It is often mistaken for hereditary conditions such as atopic dermatitis or chemical burns, but is actually caused by contact with the photosensitizing compounds naturally found in certain plants such as citrus fruits. This skin condition is a cutaneous phototoxic inflammatory eruption resulting from contact with light-sensitizing botanical substances and ultraviolet light such as from sun exposure. The appearance often resembles a bruise and may be accompanied by blisters or burning. The reaction typically begins within 24 hours of exposure and peaks at 48-72 hours after exposure.

People with all different skin types are vulnerable to margarita sunburn and can be affected. The severity of the burn depends on the amount of juice sap that was on the skin and the amount of UV exposure. Likewise, people of any age can be affected. The appearance, resembling a bruise, in the shape of handprints or fingerprints, can be mistaken for child abuse.

The best way to reduce the risk of margarita sunburn is to wash the skin with a gentle soap. Otherwise, avoid significant UV exposure and sweating.

For safety this summer, wear lots of sunscreen and definitely do not touch limes and sit in the sun! Talk to us about the excellent SPF moisturizers and other SPF products from Lira that we carry!

Avoiding A Negative Reaction To New Skin Care Products; Fort Collins Facial


If you have sensitive skin or are prone to blemishes and breakouts, incorporating new skin care products into your routine can be scary! Even if you choose products for your skin type, it is hard to know how your skin will respond!

The first thing to do with a new skin care product, is to patch test it. Especially if you are trying several new products at once, it is hard to tell which might be causing a reaction if there is one! It’s hard to resist using a new product right away, but a patch test would be a good step if you have allergic or sensitive skin. Testing on the side of your neck is a good starting point as the skin there is thinner and generally more reactive. Synthetic perfume or fragrance is the most likely ingredient to cause a reaction. If you ever have a reaction, apply cold plain yogurt to the affected area. Leave it on for fifteen minutes, rinse, and repeat every three hours.

Introduce new products slowly. Even after a patch test with no negative reaction, it is a good idea to only test out one new product every five days. That way, if there is a negative reaction, you will know exactly which product cause it, and you can use this information to guide your future skin care purchases.

Finally, consult a skin care professional, like any of our staff at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado. Do not self diagnose your own skin. Clearly communicate your concerns, and allow a trusted skin care professional with years of experience to help you choose the products that will work best for your skin. Contact us today to discuss your skin care needs and let us make some product and service recommendations specifically for you!

The Best Vitamins for Skin Health By Age; Beauty Spa Fort Collins, CO

Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we are huge supporters of overall wellness! Rather that quick fixes or just treating the symptoms, we believe in holistic health. Diet and supplements can be an important part of overall health, whether consumed in the form of whole foods or taken as vitamin and mineral supplements. Vitamins can also be so intimidating! There are so many options to choose from and it is hard to know which ones to take!

If you are in your 20s, focus on beauty maintenance. Healthy hair and nails is a good category of supplements to focus on during this decade of life, including Biotin, which strengthens hair and nails. Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) in the form of evening primrose oil or black currant oil, is an essential fatty acid that helps skin, hair, and nails grow in a healthy manner.

If you are in your 30s, the skin begins to age, due to factors such as sun exposure, pollution, stress, and other factors. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, as is rough and dry skin, which can lead to redness, adult acne and patches. Be sure to eat enough quality fats in your diet, particularly omega three fatty acids, such as fish oil. Quality fats can also come from sources like avocado, eggs, and coconut products.

If you are in your 40s, collagen is important! It is the protein that gives skin elasticity and strength. Since it naturally declines as we age, a collagen supplement can keep skin youthful and vibrant. After taking collagen for 12 weeks, there will be a significant reduction in lines, wrinkles and skin dryness.

These supplements can be complimented by a healthy skin care regime. Stop by to learn more about the fabulous Lira line of products we carry!

Common Beauty Concerns; Fort Collins Spa

There are so many products and procedures available for common beauty concerns. How will a consumer know what is best? We are going to give you a run down on some unusual skin care tips for various issues.

Do you struggle with dark circles under your eyes? Causes can include insufficient sleep, you can treat dark circles with something from the local grocery store or farmer’s market- potatoes! Potatoes offer numerous health benefits. Wash and peel your potato, and cut off two slices. Placing them around your eyes and leaving them there for about fifteen minutes can help decrease water retention and lighten those dark circles! Who knew potatoes were so good for the skin?

Sweaty feet is an issue that some of us struggle with, as well as resulting foot odor! This warm moisture can contribute to athlete’s foot, too, which can also spread to your body. Try blow drying your feet to dry the foot skin. Then apply antiperspirant (normally sold for under arms). Allow the antiperspirant to dry for about two minutes before bed. This will help reduce retained moisture in feet.

Dull and dry hair is another common issue that has a simple remedy. Causes include sun damage or too many hair products. Try rinsing your hair with vinegar or apple cider vinegar for a few minutes, then rinsing with cold water. This removes product residue and leaves hair moisturized.

Do you struggle with dark spots on your legs? These uneven spots may keep your skin from looking smooth. They are mostly from the sun and could mean any number of skin conditions. We recommend having them checked by a dermatologist every year to prevent them developing into skin cancer. To combat the appearance, try combining a thin layer of moisturizer on your legs with SPF concealer. This results in a natural looking even complexion that doesn’t get on your clothes and last a few days without the increase in color without darkening your existing spots.

Lots of great and simple treatments for common health concerns! For further personalized product and procedure recommendations, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

What’s the Difference Between a Medical Spa and a Day Spa?

There’s one big difference between medical spas and day spas - medical spas give results! Day spas are great and offer many restorative and relaxing treatments with the end goal of pampering. However, medical spas like ours have a medical doctor overseeing everything. We have more effective products with stronger active ingredients, treatments with lasers and injectables, deeper levels of exfoliation, and multiple forms of exfoliation in a single treatment. These are all things that you cannot find at a day spa.

At first glance, med spas and day spas seem similar, especially since the menu of services looks similar. However a med spa is actually a hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa, and operates under the supervision of a highly trained and specialized medical doctor. Medical spas can treat skin conditions such as brown spots, redness, fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume, and broken capillaries that cannot be treated at all or as effectively by a traditional day spa.

Today, most medical spas have a comparable atmosphere to a day spa, so that the patients leave relaxed and fulfilled. Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we pride ourselves on our professional, well educated, and helpful staff. We want all of our clients to feel comfortable asking questions about treatments and products they are considering. The overall health and wellness of our clients is our number one priority- we want you to look and feel your absolute best! No need to hide behind makeup or other barriers- come in and see what we can do for you so that your natural beauty radiates from the inside out!

We offer free consultations for all of our services! We look forward to talking with you about how our products and services can meet your needs!

What to Expect for a Brazilian Bikini Wax; Waxing in Fort Collins

Ladies! It is almost bathing suit season and summer is approaching!! With the warm weather coming, perhaps a Brazilian wax is something you are considering. Your first one can be intimidating if you don’t know what to expect!

The good news is that here at Advanced Aesthetics Northern Colorado, we have the highest professional standards. We want all of our clients to be completely comfortable, and because we are a medical spa we can offer you prescription grade numbing cream prior to waxing. We start with a consultation and let you know what will happen during the procedure. We leave the room while you undress and we leave you with a sheet to cover up prior to the procedure. You will need to completely undress your lower half.

We respect your wishes about how much hair you would like to remain after the waxing procedure. Just let us know your preference up front. Then, while you lay back, we apply the wax with a wooden spreader and a piece of cloth is placed overtop. We never double dip the wooden wax spreaders as bacteria can remain in the wax. We use a fresh wax spreader each time we apply wax, even to the same client. While the waxer holds your skin taut, the cloth is removed. This will sting- some spots more than others. We will wax the sides and top portions first, and then the more tender portions. The waxer may have to adjust you here and there to get your skin taut. At the end, your waxer will do the area between your butt cheeks. They will let you know how you need to position yourself for this step. Even though this step may feel silly, it is over quickly. The waxer may also go back over and take care of any stray hairs with tweezers afterwards.

The total procedure time is about 10 to 40 minutes depending on the waxer and your hair! So that’s what you can expect from a Brazilian wax with us. We want your experience to be absolutely professional, and we will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have in advance. Schedule a consultation or your next Brazilian today!

What is a “Boutique” Medical Spa?

Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we have a small team of experts, ready to serve your needs! Our team offers individual attention. Each time you come to see us you will receive our full attention, one on one. We strive to not be at all intimidating. We promise that you won’t be passed around from staff member to staff member. You will see the same staff every time you receive a treatment. We form relationships with our patients and love getting to know you!

Our friendly, knowledgeable and compassionate staff is here to help! We genuinely care about your needs and concerns. Whether you are coming in for laser, injectable, aesthetic, lash, or other services, we want you to be comfortable and relaxed. Mutual trust between client and provider is extremely important to us. Let us know what you are dealing with, how we can help, and any questions you have. We thoroughly explain all procedures in advance and are always happy to answer any questions you may have at any point.

We are here to help! If you are preparing for a job interview and need some of our services, please let us know! We am happy to help with a brow or lip wax, or makeup services the day of the interview. Let's find a way to trade so you can get the job! Is your budget limited? Maybe you have been eyeing lash extensions for a while. Maybe you battle acne and don't know where to go for help. Odds are we are in the midst of learning about a new product or technique. Contact me and see what the study of the moment is, and, see if you qualify for a trial treatment at dramatically reduced prices.

We are confident you will love Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado! Come in today for a free consultation and let us help you choose a procedure or product for your health and beauty needs. We care about our customers and wish you nothing but the best! Try us out!


The Most Educated Aesthetics Team in Northern Colorado; Fort Collins Med Spa


We are so proud that our team is composed of three wonderful women, highly educated in our specialized field of aesthetics. Jennifer has worked with a world renowned plastic surgeon. His development of the composite facelift and his expertise in the anatomy of the face helped sway her towards facial aesthetics. Owner Christina has earned every possible certification for aestheticians. Corrina, Jenn, and Christina each have more than five years of experience. Our well educated staff offers a wide variety of services for all of your aesthetic needs.

Christina studied at the Aveda Institute in Denver and has worked at numerous spas over the years before starting her own med spa! She is a Certified Laser Professional, Advanced Certified Lash Extensionist, licensed Master Aesthetician, licensed Massage Therapist, and has done additional training with a variety of equipment and services. She also has a certification in chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and volume upgrade lashes. She is trained in SkinCeuticals Dermaplaning, Superficial and Medium Depth Chemical Peels, Crystal and Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion, Latisse Lash Liason, doTerra Essential Oils, Intensive Brow and Lash Tinting, Full Body waxing, including bikini and Brazilians, Cutera Xeo Laser (Laser Hair Removal, Laser Vein Removal, Laser Genesis, IPL, Toenail Fungus), Massage Therapy (Swedish, Pre-Natal, Hot Stone, Myofascial, and Reflexology), plus Makeup Application for print, bridal, and runway. Christina believe learning is a lifelong venture, and we have a responsibility to ourselves to keep seeking more information wherever possible.

Jennifer Freeman, R.N., B.S.N. is our Injections Specialist. Jennifer has completed training in Botox and Dermal Fillers through the American Academy of Facial Esthetics and she am a member of this prestigious training academy. As a Level 1 graduate, she is able to provide 95% of all the injections sought after by clients. She is continuing to train with AAFE and will be Level II and III certified in 2016. Her goal is to become an instructor with AAFE.

Our team is so excited to be the only med spa in Old Town, and the most educated team of estheticians in Northern Colorado! Come see us today for a free consultation! We can’t wait to get to know you!

Coping with Aging Skin; Fort Collins Spa


We all age. It’s a normal process. Despite different products and procedures, we all continue to age. The difference in appearance is how our skin handles the aging and how we slow the natural progression.

Aging shows up in the skin because of a lack of collagen and elastin, coupled with a decrease in collagen repair. A direct result of these changes show up as sagging skin, dull skin tone, and age spots.

The earlier you start caring for your skin, the better your skin will look with age. Using an SPF of 30 or higher is an excellent preventative. Avoiding midday sun and tanning beds is also helpful for skin health later in life.

A vitamin C antioxidant serum, glycolic acid, and a vitamin A derivative like retinol can also be helpful to fight effects of aging while you are still young. You can also supplement your diet with collagen.

If you are older than 20s or 30s, follow the above recommendations but more intensely. You can get laser treatments, dermaplaning, and fillers to reduce volume loss and appearance of sagging skin.

Be wary of over the counter products with no real cosmetic value, and remember that plastic surgery procedures do not remove the need to care for the health and quality of skin tone and texture.

Don’t let aging stand in the way of your true beauty! Help your skin to look its absolute best by following the preventative measures outlined above plus sufficient sleep and healthy eating. Come and talk with us at Advanced Aesthetics, Old Town’s only med spa, about laser and filler options as well as premium skin care products offered. Let us help you feel comfortable and radiant in your own skin with the best quality care in Fort Collins!