Common Beauty Concerns; Fort Collins Spa

There are so many products and procedures available for common beauty concerns. How will a consumer know what is best? We are going to give you a run down on some unusual skin care tips for various issues.

Do you struggle with dark circles under your eyes? Causes can include insufficient sleep, you can treat dark circles with something from the local grocery store or farmer’s market- potatoes! Potatoes offer numerous health benefits. Wash and peel your potato, and cut off two slices. Placing them around your eyes and leaving them there for about fifteen minutes can help decrease water retention and lighten those dark circles! Who knew potatoes were so good for the skin?

Sweaty feet is an issue that some of us struggle with, as well as resulting foot odor! This warm moisture can contribute to athlete’s foot, too, which can also spread to your body. Try blow drying your feet to dry the foot skin. Then apply antiperspirant (normally sold for under arms). Allow the antiperspirant to dry for about two minutes before bed. This will help reduce retained moisture in feet.

Dull and dry hair is another common issue that has a simple remedy. Causes include sun damage or too many hair products. Try rinsing your hair with vinegar or apple cider vinegar for a few minutes, then rinsing with cold water. This removes product residue and leaves hair moisturized.

Do you struggle with dark spots on your legs? These uneven spots may keep your skin from looking smooth. They are mostly from the sun and could mean any number of skin conditions. We recommend having them checked by a dermatologist every year to prevent them developing into skin cancer. To combat the appearance, try combining a thin layer of moisturizer on your legs with SPF concealer. This results in a natural looking even complexion that doesn’t get on your clothes and last a few days without the increase in color without darkening your existing spots.

Lots of great and simple treatments for common health concerns! For further personalized product and procedure recommendations, please schedule a complimentary consultation.