Coping with Aging Skin; Fort Collins Spa


We all age. It’s a normal process. Despite different products and procedures, we all continue to age. The difference in appearance is how our skin handles the aging and how we slow the natural progression.

Aging shows up in the skin because of a lack of collagen and elastin, coupled with a decrease in collagen repair. A direct result of these changes show up as sagging skin, dull skin tone, and age spots.

The earlier you start caring for your skin, the better your skin will look with age. Using an SPF of 30 or higher is an excellent preventative. Avoiding midday sun and tanning beds is also helpful for skin health later in life.

A vitamin C antioxidant serum, glycolic acid, and a vitamin A derivative like retinol can also be helpful to fight effects of aging while you are still young. You can also supplement your diet with collagen.

If you are older than 20s or 30s, follow the above recommendations but more intensely. You can get laser treatments, dermaplaning, and fillers to reduce volume loss and appearance of sagging skin.

Be wary of over the counter products with no real cosmetic value, and remember that plastic surgery procedures do not remove the need to care for the health and quality of skin tone and texture.

Don’t let aging stand in the way of your true beauty! Help your skin to look its absolute best by following the preventative measures outlined above plus sufficient sleep and healthy eating. Come and talk with us at Advanced Aesthetics, Old Town’s only med spa, about laser and filler options as well as premium skin care products offered. Let us help you feel comfortable and radiant in your own skin with the best quality care in Fort Collins!