How to Handle Red Bumps from Shaving- Tips from Your Fort Collins Medical Spa

Experiencing embarrassing red bumps after shaving? Want to know how to get rid of them? You got it!

Hydrating the skin before, during, and after shaving all help with preventing red bumps. A week before and when you are in the process of shaving, use things that are soothing and hydrating. Ingredients like glycerin and petrolatum are a great way to moisturize before and afterwards.

Be sure to get all areas that you plan to shave wet for at least seven minutes before you start shaving. This helps by getting the hair soaked enough to minimize irritation.

A sharp razor prevents red bumps. Every five shaves you should change your razor, since a dull blade drags and catches skin. This causes irritation and those bumps.

The best way to shave is to go with the direction of hair growth, at least for the first pass. On the second pass, you can go against the grain. Starting by going against the grain will cause major irritation.

Also, tend to ingrown hairs to keep those red bumps from lingering. Ingrown hairs happen when hair grows back and gets trapped under the skin, which may become inflamed or painful. Try soothing any problem areas with a solution made for this, like Tend Skin.

We recommend that if you are getting red bumps from shaving, you should switch over to waxing (which we can provide for you at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado). After waxing (or shaving), follow up with a product to control bacteria such as an acne fighter containing salicylic acid. You will also want to apply a topical product to prevent inflammation in the hair follicules.

Not sure where to go from here? Come in for a free consultation and we can discuss your skin care needs, including red bumps from shaving!