Insider Tips on Radiant Skin for Frequent Fliers; Fort Collins Spa


Flying can really dry out your skin, so here are some tips from women who fly often to make the experience easier on you! Moisture levels on an airplane are significantly lower than on land, so it is important for your skin to be prepared for the trip!

To avoid altitude sickness, consume electrolytes in flight prior to landing. Examples are tomato juice, virgin Bloody Mary mix, sports drinks or water with salt added. The extra salt will help retain electrolytes and altitude sickness can be caused by a lack of electrolytes.

Applying lots of hand lotion and drinking lots of water in flight and after landing can help keep you and your skin hydrated.

You might also consider packing your own healthy snacks as an alternative to the processed snacks from the plane. Herbal tea is great for hydrating after landing, and mint tea helps with digestion.

Slathering on an ultra-rich moisturizer onto your face before bed the night before a flight can also help lock in moisture. That way, when your face gets dehydrated on the plane, there’s more moisture there to begin with to reduce the amount of dehydration overall.

A favorite moisturizing lip balm is a go to for any kind of travel, but especially flights. You’ll also want to keep this handy if you are traveling anywhere dry or in winter!

Another suggestion is to cleanse and rinse your face before landing, and apply your favorite moisturizer.

An occasional glass of bubbly can also make the overall experience much more relaxing.

We hope these tips help make your next flight experience that much more pleasant for yourself and your skin! For specific product recommendations for your skin type and travel needs, visit us in Old Town Fort Collins for a complimentary consultation.