Sexual Wellness; Fort Collins Spa

Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we value the overall wellness of our clients. We care about your happiness and your health. Sexual wellness is a big component of health and happiness, and one that isn’t often talked about openly.

We love Kim Anami, the surfer and sex and relationship coach! Kim says that the most important aspect of sex is trust. Any issues in the relationship show up sexually as well. She advises seeking objective opinions, accepting the truth, and making it a state of your relationship. A coach or blunt friend can help provide objective opinions.

Here are some intriguing facts about sex and wellness:

1.    Sex helps keep your immune system healthy!

2.    It boosts your libido!

3.    Sex improves women’s bladder control!

4.    Lowers your blood pressure

5.    Great form of exercise

6.    Lowers heart attack risk

7.    Decreases pain

8.    Makes prostate cancer less likely

9.    Sex improves sleep

10.      It eases stress

Sexual health and satisfaction is important for all of us! We can all benefit from a healthy sex life. Sexual intimacy can also boost your self esteem and happiness, and we could all use some of that!

Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we value your overall wellness and we want you to consider your sexual wellness as part of your wellness routine! We hope to incorporate sexual wellness into a future Pretty Genius class to make some of these topics more approachable in a group setting. The more that we can discuss things like sexual wellness, the more we can all take steps to improve these aspects of our lives. For so long, sex has been a taboo topic, but no longer! Sign up for our free monthly email newsletter for updates on upcoming Pretty Genius dates and events like this one!