Sugaring: Hair Removal

We all experience unwanted hair on our bodies. Shaving and waxing have been around for sometime now, but sugaring has been used for centuries as a form of hair removal.

Sugaring involves mixing sugar, lemon and hot water to create a gel. The gel is then applied to the desired area then pulled off the skin in the same direction the hair grows to remove the hair from the roots.

This method of removal is very similar to waxing but lasts longer than both waxing since it only attached to the hair rather than hair and skin. Sugaring is less painful since its only pulls the hair when being removed. In order to be most effective, your hair should be a quarter of an inch at the least so that the gel can attach to hair properly.

Sugaring leaves your skin feeling smooth and actually slows the growth of your unwanted hairs. It is also a good method for those trying to save money since all of the ingredients are cheap. This technique can either be done at home or done by a professional if you’re having trouble getting the consistency just right.