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Benefits of Microneedling

Microneedling stimulates collagen production as well as strengthen the skin. A wand with fine needles on the head is passed over on the skin and creates “micro-injuries” which stimulates the healing process. During the healing process the body creates new cells as well as increases collagen and elastin production. This prevents premature signs of ageing as well as reverses current signs of aging.  This procedure is virtually painless and has many benefits associated with it.


Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen and elastin are what keeps skin looking youthful and radiant. Microneedling stimulates the natural production of collage and elastin in the skin to make skin look younger with minimal downtime. Microneedling can help tighten loose skin to make skin more radiant than ever.


Scar reduction

It has been shown that microneedling can improve and repair visible scars such as acne scars by promoting new healthy cell growth and stimulating collagen growth in the skin.


Minimize pores

Although the process of microneedling is putting small “micro-injuries” in the skin, this procedure stimulates the collagen in and around the pores, which will make them more plump and smaller.


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Benefits of Routine Facials

A routine skin care regimen is so important. There is only so much one can do a home, seeing a professional regularly for facials can help you reach you skin goals faster. Below are just a few benefits from getting facials regularly:


Reduce scarring

There are specific treatments like chemical peels that aim to even out skin tone and make acne scars less notice able. The more and more you get peels the less noticeable acnes past is.


Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

During treatments like dermaplanning the top layer of skin is removed to reveal fresh and evenly textured skin, which makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. Regular dermaplanning helps up your skins collagen levels to prevent wrinkles down the line.


Radiant skin

When you get a facial and remove all the dead skin on your face all that is left is fresh and smooth skin that makes you appear revitalized.


You’ll feel great

Few things in life are as great as getting a facial. Not only are you getting a relaxing treatment but you are also leaving with healthier skin to show off to the world.


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Benefits of Gold-Skin Care

Cleopatra used a gold to keep her skin youthful, glowing and beautiful and she wasn’t wrong to. There are many benefits to using gold in your skin care routine



Gold increases the elasticity of the skin. It thus reduces wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes, and marks on the skin, and will make you look younger. It will also prevent your skin from sagging by keeping your skin firm. By using gold in your skin care routine early on in life you will also ensure that your skin won’t show premature signs of aging. Gold reduces dryness, thus preventing fine lines from dehydration.



Gold helps improve blood circulation in the skin, which helps your skin gain necessary nutrients to stay healthy. When you use gold in your skin care routine, particles will be absorbed by the skin and will give it a radiant glow.



Gold has ions that aid in stimulating cells in your body that activates cell renewal. This helps remove the waste in skin cells only healthy skin is left behind. The use of gold also gives your skin oxygen and reduces a tired appearance.



Gold has been known to have anti-bacterial properties. This helps prevent acne from forming on your skin.




How Often Should You Get a Facial?

          Everyone wants to pamper themselves with a facial, even though you might want to one a day for the rest of your life. Doing facials too often can cause your skin to dry out and become damaged. There are many benefits to getting facials in moderation.

          Facials help your skin looking as beautiful as possible by removing dead skin that dulls appearance. Your aesthetician will help you understand what your skin needs to look its best and will help you decide what facial is best for your skin type.

          It is recommended that you get a facial once a month. The skin cycle lasts a typical month for new skin cells to surface completely. If once a month is unattainable for you, going at least four times a year can help your skin tremendously.

          If there are months that you cannot make it to your local spa, at-home treatments can be effective in moderation. It is important to make sure you are giving your skin time between each treatment so that you are not irritating it. Cleaning your face daily and using exfoliators and moisturizers can help you stretch your time between facials. 

What is Derma-planing?

Derma-planing is a form of exfoliation that uses a scalpel to scrape off the top layer of dead skin and fine hairs to expose smooth and brighter looking skin. By removing the layer of dead skin and peach fuzz, you’re removing what keeps oil on your skin and what gives your skin the dull appearance. Derma-planing can be done on various skin types, the only skin type it cannot be done on is those currently experiencing a breakout.

The procedure uses an inch long blade and is completely painless. After prepping and drying the skin your aesthetician will take the blade and scrape your skin in small and quick swipes to exfoliate your skin. The whole process takes about 30 minutes with results that last about 20 days and can be done every three to four weeks. You can also having derma-planing done with other procedures such as chemical peels and laser treatments to maximize the exfoliating benefits.

After derma-planing, your cleansers will be able to work deeper in your skin and helps your makeup go on easier. The benefits of investing in derma-planing include reduced signs of aging, even skin tone and clearer skin. If you want glowing and refreshed skin, pair derma-planing with your next facial or peel treatment at Advanced Aesthetics.

Microneedling; Fort Collins Facial


There is a new type of facial available in some salons across the US and it is one that we are currently researching and hope to be able to offer soon to our valued customer! Microneedling is a facial treatment that uses a cluster of 9 to 19 needles to jab tiny holes all over the face rapidly.

Creating those tiny holes makes the skin go into healing mode, where it makes more collagen, which helps fade scars and smooth pockmarks caused by acne. The release of collagen also prevents fine lines from deepening, plus gives a radiant glow to the skin.

The procedure involves a consultation to determine if the treatment is right for you and your skin. Then the skin is cleanses, and a numbing cream is applied. Once the numbing cream is activated, then a hyaluronic acid and growth factor serum are applied to help the device glide over the skin. The needle length is set on the wand, which is an individual needle length based on your skin. The length is determined so that it is long enough to create a pinkish inflammation but not overwhelm the skin or draw blood. Then a patch test is done, which won’t hurt at all. After the patch test, the wand will be moved over the face inch by inch in concentric motions. The sensation is hardly noticeable. The machine buzzes, but the actual feeling on the face is almost like being scratched by a fingernail. The whole process takes about 20 minutes, and the needles may be shortened to accommodate the thinner and more sensitive skin around the eyes, forehead, and side of the nose.

Microneedling is safe for all skin tones and can help almost anyone achieve baby smooth skin. There is minimal downtime- a maximum of one to three days, and collagen is stimulated over a 6 week period. This makes the treatment a more affordable alternative to other collagen stimulation facials.

Although the treatment isn’t for everyone, and results will not correct sun damage because the needles do not go that deep, skin can see even more improvement after four or five consecutive treatments. Within 24 to 48 hours after microneedling, you should see results! After treatment, apply nutrient rich serums to the face later on the day of treatment and the next day.

We can’t wait to announce when we will be able to offer this incredible new treatment here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado! Until then, schedule a free consultation to discuss other facials that we offer, such as microdermabrasion and laser genesis!

Natural Sunscreens- What You Need to Know; Facial Fort Collins


Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we highly recommend that you use sunscreen every day no matter what. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that age the skin.

Lately we have been hearing concerns about using chemical sunscreens. As a result of these concerns, natural sunscreens like the one we carry from Lira are becoming popular. Natural sunscreens, which use physical barriers, are just as effective as chemical sunscreens.

Chemical sunscreens neutralize ultraviolet rays with compounds like Beznophenone and Octinoxate. Natural sunscreens use physical barriers like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which are minerals that actually for a barrier against ultraviolet rays.

Your skin type plays a role in determining which type of sunscreen- chemical or physical barrier- would be best for you. If there is any sensitivity or inflammation in the skin, the physical barrier is your best option! It blocks the rays and keeps the heat out of the skin. Chemical sunscreens trap heat in the skin while neutralizing the rays- this is totally fine for normal to oily skin with no sensitivity issues. However, for inflamed or sensitive skin, trapping the heat with a chemical sunblock could be disastrous!

After you determine whether a chemical or physical sunscreen barrier is better for your skin type, then you need to determine what number SPF to use. Higher numbers protect you longer, but not more. The number means how long you can stay in the sun without burning compared to not wearing sunscreen.

Lira SPF comes in SPF30 and SPF50, plus a lip balm version. It nourishes the skin with plant stem cells, vitamin C, vitamin E, and grape plant stem cells. It smells lovely, is natural, and is great for sensitive skin!

Come talk with us today or shop our website to try out Lira’s sunscreen for yourself this summer!

Laser Treatment; Fort Collins Facial


Who needs a revolutionary limelight laser facial? Anyone that wants to revitalize their skin of age spots, sun-induced freckles, brown spots, skin redness (rosacea), birthmarks, acne scarring and other blemishes. Limelight laser treatment can also be done to your chest, shoulders, and arms (areas with sun exposure). The LimeLight Facial is a new, non-invasive approach to skin revitalization using Cutera’s LimeLight. Who doesn’t want to improve their skin tone and skins surface imperfections from aging and sun damage?

Limelight is an FDA-cleared, patented technology which provides dramatic results. There is no need to apply topical anesthetic beforehand. Virtually any part of your body with uneven skin tone, redness, or sun and age spots can be safely treated.

Here’s how LimeLight works- it uses light to heat the pigment in the top layer of your skin. Unlike other options, LimeLight treats specific areas without abrading the surface of the skin. There is no need to interrupt your regular skin care routine.

When the handpiece is placed on your skin, it will feel comfortable and cool. When the pulse of light is delivered, you may feel a brief, mild stinging sensation. Immediately following treatment, the spots may begin to darken, and the surrounding skin may slightly redden. Typically, within a few hours this subsides. Over the next few weeks, the darkened spots will fade and flake off. However, your final result may not be apparent for several months.

Who is eligible for this procedure? Anyone with a light or medium skin tone may be a candidate for LimeLight. Those with darker skin tones may not. We will assess your particular situation and let you know if you are a good candidate for LimeLight during a consultation.

Does this sound like something you are struggling with? Schedule a consultation and we can chat more about how LimeLight can help you with sun and age spots. No need to hide behind makeup or conservative clothing. Let us reveal your true healthy skin!