Beauty Ideal vs. Your Identity; Fort Collins Botox


At Advanced Northern Colorado Aesthetics we’re aware of the culture’s beauty ideal and it’s negative impact on women and girls. (And men and boys too.)

We’re told we have to have plump lips, sculpted cheekbones and never look older than 27 years old. This often has negative effects on self esteem and self worth. We hate that.

We’re a medical spa for whom our motivation is not helping you meet some Photoshopped beauty ideal. We’re motivated to helping you be the ideal you. We don’t want you to look like someone else. We want you to look like the beautiful person that you are, we are interested in helping your inner beauty come to the surface so that everyone can see what we see when we look at you.

“I was tired of everyone thinking I was tired and exhausted,” Jane Fonda told Oprah, explaining why she had had some “work” done. “I don’t feel exhausted, I feel excited about my life and I wanted people to see that.”

People’s perceptions of you, like it or not, come from what they see. They see your face, your eyes, your skin, your clothing and they develop an idea about what you’re about. This may not be fair, but it is true.

Do you look like you’re tired because of the lines around your eyes? Do you look cranky or angry time because of those deep frown lines between your eyebrows?

When people ask why we’ve chosen to offer injectables like Botox and Juvederm it isn’t because we’re pushing a media driven beauty ideal. It’s because we know that these specialized products can make you look more like your gorgeous self.

Your face is your biggest expression. If your face isn’t really reflecting how you truly feel about yourself or those around you, isn’t that tragic?

Our injectables are safe and effective ways to look happier, more alive, more energetic, less stressed out and well rested. That is the picture of health and that’s what motivates us.