Laser Genesis treatment

Laser Genesis from a Patient’s Perspective; Medi Spa Fort Collins


The following is a retelling from one of our satisfied patients at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, who received a Laser Genesis facial recently.

"I had never been to a day spa nor a medical spa before, but I decided to schedule a Laser Genesis facial. This was my first ever facial (other than the cheap face masks you can get at the grocery store and apply at home). Fortunately, having had a great experience with LASIC laser vision correction, I was not afraid of the laser. I had read a little bit about what Laser Genesis feels like, and I knew that it would not be a painful procedure.

I arrived at the spa the morning of my appointment, and was greeted by Christina, who helped me feel right at home. After completing some paperwork, including medical releases and information on my medical background and skin health, we discussed the procedure in depth. Christina answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable immediately. After discussing everything fully, it was time to start the procedure!

I lay down on the table and Christina washed my face with a gentle cleanser, to remove any dirt and debris. After drying my face, she then started the laser. She told me that we would do the facial in four sections- each cheek, the forehead, and then finally the area around the mouth. Just like I had heard, the laser felt like warm rain on my cheek. The warmth increased at the procedure continued. For my skin type, I was receiving 100 pulses of the laser per section of face. The laser pulses very rapidly and you just hear light beeps for each pulse, too fast to count. While the cheek and forehead sections were being done, I was able to continue chatting with Christina, which made me feel very comfortable. I would also say that the laser felt like laying out under the warm sun. It was just a very warm feeling- not hot, and not burning, but like the sun was shining down on your face. During the entire procedure, there were eye protection goggles over both eyes. When it was time to do the mouth region, she warned me that the laser could crack my teeth if it came in contact with them, so to be sure and not talk or open my mouth during that part of the process. After all four sections were done, she applied a lovely moisturizing SPF cream from Lira to my skin and said I was good to go about my day as usual!

Thank you for helping my skin feel and look clearer and smoother, Christina! You’re the best!"

If you want to learn more about how Laser Genesis could work for you, let’s set up a time for a free consultation!

Laser Genesis a Treatment for Burns; Medical Spa Fort Collins


I have a patient who was in a house fire. She ran back into to save her beloved pet. She was severely burned. Burns on her face, back, neck and shoulders. She was in treatment with a medical doctor for a long time to get the burns to heal.

Still, scars remained where her skin had melted and scorched. She now looked in the mirror and saw a completely different person. It was devastating.

She came to see me and we started a series of Laser Genesis treatments. This specialized laser can assist healing on scar tissue, discoloration and underlying bacteria that might be present.

Each visit she would come and I would gently treat her burns on a moderate setting. Gradually, the burns began to heal. She experienced far less pain and when she looked in the mirror she began to see more and more of herself as she remembered her.

There were parts of her body on her back and shoulder that were just burned too badly for us to treat at first. It was too painful, her nerves were still too raw. We simply worked around those areas and allowed a deeper healing to take place before treatment. Once the sensitivity of those burns lessened we were able to begin the Laser Genesis treatment on those areas to great effect.

My patient isn’t coming to me because she’s obsessed with a beauty ideal. She’s coming to my Medical Spa in Fort Collins to treat a very serious medical condition.

Does it effect her perception of her appearance? It does. Yet, not because she longs to be on the cover of a magazine. What she longs for is to look in the mirror and see her self. Her face as it once was, her skin as it once was. Perhaps we won’t be able to restore every cell to appear as it was before her tragic rescue of another living being.

We’re creating new cells with health and vitality, which is allowing her true self to shine forth in the world. More important, we’re creating a new true self so that she can look in the mirror and recognize herself as the astounding beauty that she is.