How to Keep Your Skin From Drying Out in the Cold

Dry skin is a very common issue for the winter time. Here are 7 tips to keep your skin soft and smooth all winter long.

  • Seek a specialist

Going to an esthetician is a great investment. They will be able to analyze your specific skin type, help you troubleshoot your current skin regimen and give advice as to what skincare product you should invest in. You wear your skin everyday so it doesn’t hurt to splurge a little people see everyday.

  • Moisturize

As weather conditions change, so should your skincare routine. During the winter months a oil-based moisturizer is more desirable because it will create a protective layer on the skin and helps to retain the moisture in the winter.

  • Avoid harsh treatments

Treatments like peels, masks and many alcohol based products will strip your skin of useful oils. During the cold, mild cleansers and deep hydrating masks are recommended to keep these oils in place

  • Avoid hot showers/baths

Hot baths feel great in the winter yet strip oils from the skin. Try and lean towards lukewarm water when it comes to cleaning your face and hands as much as possible.

  • Hydrate from the inside out

WATER, WATER, WATER. We’ve all heard it a million times to drink more water but dehydration also affects the skin and by drinking more water you boost your overall health (useful when avoiding winter colds too!).

  • Using a humidifier at home

It’s common to want to crank the heat when it the temperature outside drops. The hot air that is coming out of the heating system is dry. Adding a humidifier to your workspace and home allow more moisture to get in the air and prevent your skin from drying out.

  • Cover up

Layers not only keep you warm in the winter but items like gloves, scarves and hats help to avoid prolonged exposure to cold air as well as help to avoid windburn.