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Do Cell Phones Cause Acne? Fort Collins Dermatologist


Many people get acne and blemishes on their face. Many of us also talk on our cell phones, with them pressed against our cheek. We touch our phones often during the day to check social media, text, send emails, and more. But how often do you actually clean your phone? How clean can it possibly be? Could the bacteria from your phone and your hands be making your acne worse?

Your face is actually the dirtiest part of your body because you are touching your face all day long without actually realizing it! Wiping your forehead, brushing aside your hair, scratching your cheek- these are all ways that we touch our face without a second thought. Whatever touched your hands (surfaces you touched, hands you shook, food remnants, doors you opened) then gets on your face, which can make your face a breeding ground for bacteria, which will prolong breakouts. Wash your face nightly with a cleanser such as the excellent Lira products we sell. This will help remove dirt, bacteria, and debris.

To answer the original question, cell phones actually do not cause breakouts, however, they can potentially make acne worse by adding additional bacteria to already infected blemishes. Wiping down your phone daily can help prevent unnecessary bacteria from getting on the skin. To clean your cell phone, take a wet wipe that doesn’t contain alcohol or bleach and wipe the phone thoroughly. Repeat daily or as needed.

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