How clean is that waxpot?

We all go to get our brows waxed from time, and lots of us go in for other areas of the body, more intimate areas of the body. While many aestheticians out there practice good sanitation, there are a great many that do not. The State of Colorado currently doesn’t set specific standards of cleanliness for waxing. There isn’t a law that states that you cannot double dip. Some salons and spa will actually do that, and claim that it is safe to do so. I’d like for you to consider the temperature at which bacteria thrive, and what temperature they are killed at. If the temperature of the wax is hot enough to kill off any bacteria or other organisms, it would be too hot to apply to it to your skin! Now, let’s say your waxer double dipped when performing a bikini wax on the client before you. Then you come in for an upper lip wax. I personally do not want that client’s germs on my lip.

Right about now, you could be wondering how to tell if they are practicing good sanitation practices. We would say the single quickest way is to take a look at their wax pot. Do they have wax dripping all over it or does it look nice and clean? From there, you can ask them if they are double dipping, and also if they are using a new pair of gloves when doing body waxing, especially on more intimate areas of the body.

Remember, these are potentially bloodborne pathogens that we're dealing with. You don't need to be exposed just because you wanted your brows looking their best!

This is what our wax pot looks like. No, it's not new, it's almost 5 years old!

This is what our wax pot looks like. No, it's not new, it's almost 5 years old!