Are you looking for a Fort Collins Dermatologist?


If your skin is in medical crisis a Fort Collins Dermatologist might be exactly what you need.

Then again, in my practice I have so many clients who have been disappointed by their results after going on a Western medicine dermatology plan. They come to me because their skin needs additional nourishing and treatment that a dermatologist can’t offer.

Why is this true?

For one thing, an aesthetician has different training and different goals for a person’s skin. The dermatologist often doesn’t recommend changes that address the core problem. For instance, he or she might not be properly educated on which foods might trigger inflammation. He or she might not be offering products and services that are effective for new collagen growth, which will make the skin look younger and healthier.

Often a dermatologist resorts to hormones as a first step in treatment. While this can be an effective treatment, it can also be a devastating one. Hormones can cause discoloration in skin tone, even the dreaded melasma, which is extremely difficult to treat. It can cause further inflammation and even liver disfunction as a person might fall into estrogen dominance.

Another quick go-to for dermatologists are antibiotics. Some patients respond very well to this treatment, but while the dermatologist might tell you it’s temporary, the patient gets a new and more extreme flare up when they go off the medication. Long term antibiotic use is terrible for your gastrointestinal system, your liver and your immune system. People who over-use antibiotics can develop antibiotic resistance which can be devastating if they get a serious illness.

The paradigm for treatment of the skin is very different for a dermatologist and an aesthetician. An aesthetician’s focus is on long term care for the skin so that you have an efficient regimen for a healthy glow, which is maintained through the most natural and gentle products available.

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