30 Days of Clean Eating with Whole30; Fort Collins Spa


Here at Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado, we pride ourselves on being concerned with our clients’ overall wellness- not just the way your skin looks on the outside, but overall how you are doing.

Nutrition is such an important part of skin health and overall wellness. It might seem silly to say that nutrition affects every area of our lives, but it really does!

Recently, I took on a clean eating challenge to eat clean for 30 days. Essentially the Whole30 program allows participants to eat unlimited amounts of vegetables, fruit, meat, nuts/seeds, some healthy fats/oils, and spices. No alcohol, drugs, grains, processed food, sugar, legumes, or dairy for 30 days. It might seem crazy, but it’s only 30 days! After 30 days, you can do whatever you like. You’re allowed to eat as much as you want whenever you want, and the program is free. The only catch is you have to eat from those food groups only. (You can learn more at

This was my first Whole30 and I had amazing results! I wasn’t looking for weight loss, but I was looking to tackle my sugar addiction, and tackle it, I did! I saw benefits in clearer skin, significantly decreased sugar addiction, some unanticipated weight loss, and just generally overall health! I was surprised by some of these benefits, but they were pleasant surprises!

One of my friends, Hannah, also tackled the Whole30. This was not her first one, but she was looking to reset her dietary habits. When she travels often, it is easy to fall into less than ideal patterns that tend to carry over into her regular life after trips. Some benefits Hannah saw this Whole30 were more consistent energy, significantly improved workouts, and clearheadedness, plus more stable moods. Previous benefits Hannah has experienced include significantly improved energy, no more PMS cramps, clearer skin, no more afternoon energy dips, no more daily headaches.

Hannah and I both agree that having the support around you is key to your success. We also noticed that advance preparation is very helpful! Some people like to meal prep in advance for the week, which is a great tool. Also, having quick and easy meals on the ready is great for when you are tired and your willpower is low. Another trick is to plan ahead for tricky social situations (work luncheons, eating out, parties, etc.) to make a plan of attack- search out meals that work for Whole30, bring your own food, or eat before you go. If you put your mind to it, you can succeed! I highly recommend everyone try the Whole30 program at some point!

Come in to chat with us about Whole30, and also the wonderful services and products we offer that can complement a Whole30!

Diet Secrets for Great Skin; Beauty Salon in Fort Collins


Now that winter is ending and spring is beginning, it is time to eat clean and get your body back into balance after a winter of heavy eating and lounging. Food can cleanse and detox our bodies internally and externally!

Fermented foods are excellent for digestive health, and a happy digestive tract can improve your mood, your mentality, and your skin health! Of course, fermented foods can also help you stay in good health and lose weight!

Without a healthy digestive tract, it is hard for our bodies to properly do their jobs. Too much sugar and processed foods can disrupt our natural rhythms and this can manifest in inflamed and irritated skin. Fermented foods provide many nutrients in a manner that are more available for the body and skin!

Look for foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and kefir for naturally occurring probiotics. These foods help produce good bacteria, which is so important for a healthy gut and can provide skin glowing benefits.

Here is a simple recipe to make your own sauerkraut out of just cabbage and salt, with equipment you may already have in your kitchen! It doesn’t get much simpler than making your own sauerkraut in a mason jar, and it’s very affordable too, with no added preservatives or chemicals!

A simple way to incorporate more fermented foods into your diet is by adding them in with your breakfast. Here’s a nutritious and well rounded breakfast idea: 2 eggs, cooked to your liking, ½ a cubed sweet potato sautéed in coconut oil, cooked greens like steamed frozen spinach, and some sauerkraut or other fermented veggies. To save time, cook up several days worth of the eggs, greens and sweet potato and store in the fridge for a quick microwavable breakfast.

Radiant skin starts with diet and self care, and fermented foods can play an important role in your gut health. To discuss other skin health options, please schedule a complimentary consultation with us!