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How to Get the Best Lash Retention

There are a variety of things that can lead to retention issues. Caring for your extensions in the right way can help keep your extensions looking fabulous between fills. Here are a few tips to making your eyelash extensions last between fills.

  • Sleep on your back

When your face is pushed into you pillow, it can cause your lash extensions to fall out more quickly. By sleeping on your back you lashes will be untouched while you rest.

  • No picking and rubbing

Eyelashes shed naturally on their own cycle; pulling and playing with your extensions can cause lose of you natural lashes. Let your lashes fall out naturally.

  • Be gentle

Avoid touching your eye area at all costs, the more you rub and play with your extensions can weaken the bond between you natural lash and the extension. When cleaning your face use a gentle cleansing wipe rather than a cotton pad.

  • Use oil on them

Using any type of oil (olive, baby or even coconut oil) on your lashes keeps them healthy and flexible.

  • Brush them twice a day

By lightly brushing them twice a day with a clean spoolie they will remain in the right place and looking as fabulous as when you got them. 

The Eyes are the Window to the Soul; Fort Collins Eyelash Extensions

Have you ever looked into someone’s eyes and thought, “You! There you are! I know you! I love you!”

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul and you know this is true. Everyone has had the experience of gazing into an infant’s eyes and witnessed the whole Universe unfolding in this new soul; looked into their mother’s eyes as a child and witnessed their own precious soul reflected back at them; looked into a lover’s eyes and thought, “This. Forever. Let me have this!”  

Regardless of how many emotional barriers a person might put up, direct eye contact allows you to make direct soul contact.

Which is why your eyes should be your signature feature. As you age your sight might be blurring, your hands might get a little shakier, your morning routine might be taking too long and mascara has become a painstaking process.

To truly be “seen” as our authentic selves is one of the greatest gifts we can offer the world.

Novalash eyelash extensions will change your entire beauty routine and your entire look. The window to your soul gets new drapes, if you will.

Eyelash extensions have increasingly become very vogue in Fort Collins because of the simplicity and the invitation.

Each lash is meticulously applied one by one for the most natural look. Each look is unique to your face, longer, thicker, curlier can all be customized to suit and flatter your facial features.

The first lash experience lasts approximately three weeks to a month. As the lashes naturally shed off — just like your regular lashes do —you come in for a “fill” application, also customized to your natural lash growth.

No more layering gobs of mascara, no more smudging under the eyes, no more flaking off, no more broken natural lashes caused by inferior products, no more poking yourself in the eyeball, no more smearing. Only. Simple. Beautiful. Eyes.  

Without a drop of mascara the windows to your soul will invite people to connect with you, will invite people to witness your true inner beauty.

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