ingrown hair

Preventing Ingrown Hairs

An ingrown hair is a hair that curls and begins to grow back into your skin. Ingrown hair can be both irritating to the skin and frustrating to deal with. Here are a few tips to prevent ingrown hairs:

Try a different method

Everyone’s skin is different. Laser hair removal and epilators are the two techniques that take hair out from the root and are least likely to cause ingrown hairs. If you love shaving, try adding a moisturizing shaving cream and shaving in the direction of your hair growth so that you’re not pushing your hair in the wrong direction causing ingrown hairs.

Skin care

Proper cleaning helps clean your hair follicles a lot so that they are able to grow and are less likely to get caught and grow under your skin. Adding exfoliation to your routine ensures that there are no dead skin cells that your hair can get trapped under.


When you wear tight clothes, it makes it difficult for your hair to grown properly and can force the hair follicles to grown back into your skin. By avoiding tight clothing, you can save yourself from getting ingrown hairs.

Be gentle

Up to 24 hours after you shave or wax, your skin will be very sensitive. The pores of your skin will be open so it is important to not irritate the area in which you shaved. Avoid any skin products with alcohol that will tighten and dry your skin out, increasing your chance of ingrown hairs.