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Essential Oils; Skin Care Products Fort Collins

Essential oils are usually affordable, great for you, all natural, and can be used for so many purposes! Several essential oils can be used for skin care. Remember that all essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier oil before use on skin. For every 1 ml of carrier oil, add 1 drop of essential oil of choice. Don’t forget to do a patch test on the skin on your inner arm to check for adverse reactions first!

If you have oily skin, acne, dermatitis or eczema look for essential oils that are balancing, astringent and antiseptic to help balance the pH. Consider using lemon, cedarwood, cypress, and juniper! If you choose lemon (which smells great!) be sure to also use sunblock as lemon essential oil can increase sun sensitivity.

For those with sensitive skin and dry skin, use essential oils like rose, lavender, neroli and geranium. These all smell lovely! Chamomile essential oil is a great choice for men with sensitive or dry skin due to the less floral aroma.

Mature skin requires cell growth stimulation. For wrinkles or mature skin, try frankincense, myrrh, clary sage, lavender and neroli. Frankincense, rose and neroli are great for wrinkle treatment.

To treat scars, herichrysum and neroli essential oils are best.

When purchasing essential oils, be sure that you are not purchasing fragrance oils (which are chemical compounds created in labs) and look for the specific label “essential oil (which is a plant based compound).” Essential oils can be used for many purposes, such as placing in a diffuser to lightly scent a room, or added to unscented dish soap or cleaning products for enhanced cleaning and scent. Be sure to check the essential oils to make sure you like the scent before you purchase.

Consider adding essential oils as a natural component to your healthy skin care regime.

Fort Collins Spa; Natural Healthy Skin

The skin is the largest organ of your entire body. Many don’t know this but the skin is one of the body’s ways of naturally eliminating toxins. What comes in must come out somehow. Sweat is an example of natural elimination. Acne too is a natural elimination of bacteria, hormones, pollutants and oils.

Make up can enhance your skin’s natural beauty when used appropriately. Still, it can also hinder the health of your skin of used too liberally. It can also make your skin look a hundred times worse if you use the wrong products or color. It can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. It can cast an off-putting tone on your complexion. Unhealthy toxins from the makeup’s ingredients can seep into your pores causing further irritation.

Fundamentally, make up is not a “cover up” that you want to rely on. Healthy, nourished, clean and balanced skin will bring out your natural beauty and enhance your finest qualities.

When patients come to me I do a complete skin analysis and what I’m looking for is to treat your whole body. I see your skin as symptomatic of your overall health. Rosacea, acne and some kinds of discoloration point to hormonal problems and inflammation. Flaky dry skin can point to dehydration.

We discuss what kinds of lifestyle changes you can make, in addition to what kind of Fort Collins spa treatments will be most beneficial to restoring the balance and glow to your skin.

These are 100% customized to what is going on with you. There is no one fix that is universal to all skin types. We then work out a treatment plan which will bring your skin back to a natural healthy glow. This might be a laser treatment or a chemical peel mask or a specialized product for daily use.

Don’t hide behind makeup. Your skin will always tell the truth. Schedule an appointment or consultation and be proactive about restoring your skin and your whole self to health.