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Natural Sunscreens- What You Need to Know; Facial Fort Collins


Here at Advanced Aesthetics, we highly recommend that you use sunscreen every day no matter what. Sunscreen helps protect your skin from ultraviolet rays that age the skin.

Lately we have been hearing concerns about using chemical sunscreens. As a result of these concerns, natural sunscreens like the one we carry from Lira are becoming popular. Natural sunscreens, which use physical barriers, are just as effective as chemical sunscreens.

Chemical sunscreens neutralize ultraviolet rays with compounds like Beznophenone and Octinoxate. Natural sunscreens use physical barriers like Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which are minerals that actually for a barrier against ultraviolet rays.

Your skin type plays a role in determining which type of sunscreen- chemical or physical barrier- would be best for you. If there is any sensitivity or inflammation in the skin, the physical barrier is your best option! It blocks the rays and keeps the heat out of the skin. Chemical sunscreens trap heat in the skin while neutralizing the rays- this is totally fine for normal to oily skin with no sensitivity issues. However, for inflamed or sensitive skin, trapping the heat with a chemical sunblock could be disastrous!

After you determine whether a chemical or physical sunscreen barrier is better for your skin type, then you need to determine what number SPF to use. Higher numbers protect you longer, but not more. The number means how long you can stay in the sun without burning compared to not wearing sunscreen.

Lira SPF comes in SPF30 and SPF50, plus a lip balm version. It nourishes the skin with plant stem cells, vitamin C, vitamin E, and grape plant stem cells. It smells lovely, is natural, and is great for sensitive skin!

Come talk with us today or shop our website to try out Lira’s sunscreen for yourself this summer!