Your Pillow & Skin Care in Fort Collins, CO

You spend a lot of time with your pillow. Think about how that time could be affecting your skin health! There are several ways in which pillows can interact with the appearance of your skin.

If you have under eye puffiness, try elevating your head with two pillows to reduce fluid retention. Also, avoid using any greasy facial creams before bed as they can contribute to fluid retention, too!

If you have sallow, tired looking skin, try sleeping on a thin pillow with very little elevation. This will help re-balance the blood flow back to your face (since you are upright most of the day) and help stimulate circulation to the face.

If you have deep wrinkles that run from the nostril to the corner of your mouth, try sleeping on your back to prevent squishing your cheeks. Although these lines come naturally with age, less cheek squishing can help keep them from getting worse.

If you have deep horizontal wrinkles on your neck, try sleeping with a thin pillow with very little elevation to avoid unnecessary creasing. This applies to day time hours too- try to keep your head looking straight forward.

If you have chest wrinkles just above your breasts, try sleeping on your back. These can occur due to side sleeping. There are also various pillows and tools available for sale to assist with prevention of chest wrinkles.

I also recommend cleaning your face before bed to remove makeup and dirt and oil. Since oil from your face and hair can accumulate on your pillow case, you should also try to wash your pillow case frequently.

Don’t forget, I can also give you tips for maintaining your skin health during a consultation or any facial services! Take care of your skin so that you can look and feel your most radiant!