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Sensitive Skin Care; Fort Collins Facials

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How do you know if you have sensitive skin? Have you ever experienced any of the following: painful, itchy, burning, or peeling skin? If so, you may have sensitive skin. Other causes for those unpleasant symptoms are a product allergy, pH imbalance, or overdoing it with skin care. You are not alone- some surveys indicate that up to fifty percent of women experience skin sensitivities! Here’s how to handle it:

Step one: Avoid certain makeup colors and ingredients. Talc, certain dyes and mica can cause skin irritation. Check your eyeshadows for these lurking ingredients! Also, be wary of blue and purple colors as they are more likely to cause irritation.

Step two: Make sure your facial care products do not contain any fragrances, dyes, acids, or beads. Added fragrances including citrus, mint, and floral, tend to contribute to inflamed and itchy skin. This includes your perfumes, so be sure you are not spraying them near your face. Also, drying ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, soaps, or alcohols tend to trigger skin reactions. Check products like face wash and cream for those. We are happy to help sort out which products are good for your skin and figure out which ones, if any, are contributing to irritation.

Step three: Don’t rub or scrub. Exfoliating can lead to extra irritation. Gently cleanse your face, and pat dry with paper towels. This prevents bath towel bacteria from getting into your sensitive facial skin.

Step four: Moisturize regularly. Some sources recommend twice daily, with a gentle moisturizer that doesn’t contain acids or retinoid.

Step five: Use sunscreen daily, one with zinc or titanium dioxide. Wearing a hat is also good! Sun protection helps avoid sun damage and skin irritation.

If you would like product or treatment recommendations, please come see us in Old Town Fort Collins for all of your skin care needs! We carry and recommend Lira Clinical products which are gentle on the skin. We would be happy to make recommendations specifically for your skin!