Waxing: Before and After Tip

Before Waxing

  • Exfoliate

1 to 2 days before your appointment exfoliate your body to make your skin both soft and to avoid in-grown hairs.

  • Trim

The longer the hair the more painful it is to wax. Trim your hair so that it's between 1.5 and .5 cm, to save yourself from unnecessary pain.

  • Shower

Before you go in for your appointment shower, this opens up your pores. This helps your hairs come out a lot less painfully. 

  • Pain Relief

If you know you have a very low pain tolerance, take an OTC painkiller at least 30-40 minutes before your appointment.

  • Wear Loose Clothing

By wearing loose clothes to your appointment you will help avoid friction to the area afterwards.

After Waxing

What to avoid for the next few days:

  • Tight clothing
  • Friction and excessive perspiration 
  • Hot bath/shower and saunas
  • Spray tans/body lotion/perfume/deodorant on waxed area
  • Sunbathing