Light Heals

We know that in medicine light heals. We use it for cancer treatments, surgeries, vision repair and all areas of science since 1958. Light lasers have since reduced the risk of medical treatment and provided innumerable breakthroughs in innovation in every industry.

Skincare is no different. Our laser treatments are designed to bring an overall wellness to your life, as well as eradicate the visual side effects of today’s lifestyle and environmental conditions.

We use the medical benefits of light to bring out the inner light in you. 

Not All Lasers are Created Equal: Cutera Xeo

There are cheaper, less effective and more dangerous lasers at other medical spas. Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado is not interested in saving money when it comes to our patients health.

We chose the Cutera Xeo laser, though it is ten times the price of competing lasers, because it is the safest and most effective laser in the industry. We do not scrimp when it comes to our patients’ safety or their results.

Also note that Cutera Xeo provides exemplary training for laser technicians who perform medical procedures with this advanced technology. At Advanced Aesthetics of Northern Colorado we do not allow untrained technicians to perform procedures. Our technicians are up-to-date on the latest certifications, procedures, scientific results and studies and technology.