Are you ready for that get-up and "GO" look with no effort in the mirror? Well then Permanent Makeup is for you! Let's be real, we live in an incredibly visually stimulated and world and our appearance speaks volumes about how we feel about ourselves. When we feel good about ourselves, we shine to others! 

Time is valuable and "life hacking" is just a smart practice. Permanent Makeup is for anyone interested in saving precious time and energy restoring what aging, hormonal disorders and diseases have taken from us.  Restoration of our appearance in the most natural way is in fact possible when you chose an experienced artist.  At Advanced Aesthetics we are now including Permanent Makeup to our menu of services. Think hair stroke eyebrows (micro-blading) and eyeliner (tightlining) inside the lash line to make the eyes "pop" in the most natural Coloradoan Way. Schedule a complimentary consultation online today!


Skip the brow powders and get this semi-permanent treatment that will fill in your brows to their full potential! Our expert permanent makeup technician will sit down and discuss your ideal brow color and shape before implanting pigment in hair strokes that will give the look of a natural, full brow. The results will last many years and pricing includes a touch-up treatment within 4 weeks of the initial application.


This technique involves implanting pigment in between the rows of your upper lashes to give you a fuller, darker look.  Regular makeup smears and can quickly get infected with bacteria that clogs your tear ducts and creates dry eye. This is counterintuitive to our health and our beauty.  Our technician will numb the the lid fully so there is no discomfort involved and implant the ink between the lash line.  Two treatments scheduled 4 weeks apart, taking about 2 hours each are included in the price.